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Glass sliding door is recommended for kitchen decoration!

Today, let's talk about the purchase of kitchen doors. Kitchen door opening mode - The kitchen door is different from the bedroom door in that the door openings are large and small, so there are many opening modes.
1. Door type
Side hung door*Side hung door refers to a door whose hinges are mounted on the side of the door and open inward (left inward, right inward) or outward (left outward, right outward). It is composed of door jamb, hinge, door leaf, lock, etc.
Advantages: small area, suitable for small kitchen.
Disadvantages: The opening of the door takes up space, the door opening is too small, and the lighting and ventilation effect is not good.
Sliding door*Sliding door is a kind of door commonly used in families, which refers to the door that can be pushed and pulled. With the development of technology and the diversification of decoration means, the functions and application scope of sliding doors are expanding from traditional panel surfaces to glass, fabric, rattan weave, aluminum alloy profiles, from sliding doors, folding doors to partition doors.

Two sliding doors

Three sliding doors

Advantages: simple opening and closing, good sealing, high cost performance, and strong stability.
Disadvantages: large area, small opening range of door opening, poor ventilation effect of double doors.
Folding door*Folding door is a furniture term, which is mainly applicable to the partition purpose of workshops, shopping malls, office buildings, exhibition halls, home decoration and other places, as well as the screen purpose. Both internal doors and external doors can be installed and used. It can effectively isolate temperature, prevent dust, reduce noise, sound insulation, and shield.
Multiple folding doors*Advantages: It can be fully opened, with good lighting and ventilation effect; High appearance and beauty; Flexible, no matter the size of the door opening can be selected.
Disadvantages: poor sealing performance.
Embedded sliding door*Sliding doors are usually handled in the way of pocket sliding doors. Compared with side hung doors, they can be handled when the interior space is limited or the effect is required. Thin walls shall be built on both sides and tracks shall be embedded. Attention shall be paid to the relationship between the upper track and the door and the door pocket. If the size is not calculated properly during the embedding, the side exposed base course may be caused. Some tracks need to be reserved with access openings, which should be planned in advance, and some tracks do not need them. Please refer to the actual products.
Advantages: large opening range, good ventilation and lighting effect.
Disadvantages: The construction process is complex, and the overall cost is higher than other doors.
Barn door*Barn door is the warehouse door of foreign farms, which was later used indoors. It is a kind of sliding door, characterized by exposed rails and simple installation. The opening and closing mode of the barn door is similar to that of the sliding door, but the installation mode is different. Advantages: high appearance, large door opening range. Disadvantages: poor light transmittance, requiring space beside the kitchen door.
Select recommendations:
① Folding doors are recommended for narrow and small door openings with small area and large opening range.
② Multiple sliding doors or folding doors are recommended for wide door openings;
③ If you want better lighting and the budget allows, you can choose embedded sliding doors.

2. About Orbits
The lifting rail door is a kind of sliding door supported by the upper lifting wheel. This kind of door has no noise and threshold when it is opened. It is beautiful and generous.
Hanging rail door is applicable to balcony, dining room kitchen, toilet partition, etc. It is widely used in families, offices, hotels and KTV entertainment places.
Selection suggestions:
① The advantage of the rail suspension door is that it does not need to cut the ground, there is no sanitary dead space on the ground, and it is easier to take care of; The disadvantage is that the lifting rail has too much load and its service life is not as long as that of the ground rail door.