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How to select railing glass?

Glass railings can be seen everywhere in various buildings. Glass railings are mostly used in the stair handrails from the hotel lobby to the second floor, on both sides of the long corridor of the club, on the stairs above and below the family building, on the balcony, and in the lobby of the office area.

Glass handrails are usually made of tempered glass with high strength, safety performance and low potential safety hazards. If higher safety performance is required, laminated toughened glass can also be used. It is a plane composite glass product made of two or more pieces of toughened glass embedded with transparent plastic sheets and hot pressed. If the fire resistance is required, the wired glass can be used. When the wired glass is subjected to impact or temperature changes, it will break without missing or scattering. Even if it is cracked by heat, it can still remain in a fixed state, which can isolate the fire. Therefore, it is also called fire resistant glass.

Glass railings have obvious advantages over railings made of other materials. First of all, compared with reinforced concrete solid railings, glass railings are lighter, faster, cheaper, and easier to install; Secondly, compared with hollow wooden handrails, glass handrails will not decay, will not fade, and are easier to clean; Finally, compared with stainless steel railings, glass railings have better light transmittance, are more beautiful and fashionable, and give people a sense of transparency and brightness.

It is precisely for these reasons that glass railings and handrails become permanent guests of various buildings and are loved by people.