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The sliding glass door is the right choice!

The sliding glass door is the right choice!

There are many places suitable for sliding doors at home, such as balcony, kitchen and bathroom, wardrobe... These places are equipped with sliding doors, which are very convenient. Compared with wooden doors, aluminum alloy glass sliding doors cost less, but their appearance, use experience and customization are more convenient.

1. Ground rail sliding door

This is the most traditional and classic sliding door. The case of unfashionable home decoration warns us to choose the patterns on the glass carefully. Remember the design concept of "less is more", and only abstinence can give you a sense of beauty.

Advantages: low cost, simple structure and easy maintenance

Disadvantages: · The track slot has sanitary dead angle, which is difficult to clean. · The pass is not parallel, and the door will be more and more difficult to open

Recommended application scenarios:

·A poorly lit hall/dining room For the hall with poor lighting, it is better to use a sliding door to introduce light and not smell when eating.

Protect the multi-directional privacy of the space

For private rooms in the attic, the sliding door is usually at the side of the stairs, and the embedded flush wooden door is used for access. When there are lodging guests, pull the door to one side of the bedroom to separate the guest bedroom and ensure the privacy of the host.

·Independent cloakroom
The cloakroom introduces natural light in the bedroom, which is also helpful for keeping clothes dry and tidy.

2. Lifting rail/door
Sliding doors on the slide rails are a nightmare of Virgo cleanliness, but the suspension rails perfectly solve this problem.

Advantages: · No sanitary dead space left; Low friction, no noise, no influence on tile laying, and the ground is integrated

Disadvantages: · The installation is complex· Unstable shaking during pushing and pulling· Poor sealing
Recommended application scenarios:
Western style kitchen

Western style kitchens with large space or open kitchens that need to be semi enclosed are not afraid of the spread of lampblack. They use lifting rails to achieve a higher appearance.

Indoor compartment
If you want to separate a small room indoors, but do not want to damage the ground, you can use lifting rails to move the door, which makes it more flexible to open and close.
Toilet dry area
After the separation of dry and wet in the toilet, it is better to install a more portable and fashionable hanging rail door for the door leading to the outside in the dry area.

3. Multiple folding doors

Recently, the hot folding sliding door has become a household Internet celebrity, which looks very advanced.
Advantages: it does not occupy space and keeps the space transparent;  Disadvantages: The track should be paved together with the floor, otherwise it will be unsightly higher than the ground; There are many hingeson the door frame, which is easy to be inflexible after a long time

Recommended application scenarios:
·Balcony door
The balcony door needs a very long width, so it is not a problem to use a folding door. When the door is opened, the balcony and the living room can be almost integrated. If the window is not closed, the outdoor fresh air can be introduced to the greatest extent.

4. Embedded sliding door
The embedded sliding door, strictly speaking, is just a new wall with some caution. The lifting rail and ground rail sliding door mentioned above can be embedded.

Advantages: the door can be invisible when opened
Disadvantages: high maintenance cost
Recommended application scenarios:
Bay partition; Integrated design of partition custom cabinet and sliding door.

Open kitchen to closed kitchen
Make sure the wall outside the kitchen is wide enough, and plug the sliding door. The cabinet can also be covered, simple and beautiful.

The sliding door can also be embedded in the walls on both sides (the walls on both sides can be parallel or 90 °).