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Matters needing attention in installing sliding doors

Door frame material: from the perspective of durability, it is recommended to choose titanium magnesium alloy or aluminum magnesium alloy for sliding doors.

If the wooden door frame is used, it is better to use it indoors, because the wooden frame is not sun resistant, and it is easy to crack in the north.

The balcony door needs to have a certain thermal insulation, so like the window, it is better to increase the budget, use the alloy door frame with broken bridge, and pay attention to the aluminum alloy thickness, which is durable and not deformed.

Choice of sliding door glass: tempered glass or double tempered glass can be selected for sliding doors of balconies and kitchens and bathrooms. Please shop around, or the price may not be beautiful.

The door of the cloakroom should be dark brown or gray. The net red Changhong glass and water ripple glass have a strong sense of art. The objects on the other side of the door are indistinct and beautiful~

Hardware quality; The quality of sliding door hardware actually determines the service life of the whole set of doors.

If you want your sliding door to last for a long time, don't be careless with such small objects as rails, locks, anti slip strips, cushions and handles. When using, pay attention to keeping the door clean. Don't drag the door too hard, so that the door can be used for a long time.

Construction attention:Before installing the sliding door, remember to ask the worker to measure whether the door opening is parallel to the door frame, otherwise the door will not be fixed if it is not easy to pull. The floor and slide rail are designed as a whole. The slide rail base is actually embedded under the floor, so it is almost invisible