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The sliding door has many advantages, and the small house is magnified instantly!

Due to the limitation of home space, we will try our best to use space saving design when decorating the house. Sliding doors, a simple and fashionable decorative furniture, are popular with people. Now let's talk about the advantages, uses and purchase of push down doors.

There are many advantages to installing sliding doors

(1) Block the line of sight. The transparency of materials is different, which can block the line of sight.
(2) Proper sound insulation. The insulating glass with good quality has good sound insulation effect.
(3) Enhance spatial flexibility. The sliding door can be started or moved at any time according to the use requirements, structural form and decorative style, and the space will also be opened or closed, enlarged or reduced, and become more flexible and changeable with the subjective will.
(4) Get close to nature. Install a smooth silent, transparent and bright sliding door on the balcony to enjoy the sunshine and scenery.

Purpose of sliding door

(1) Separate dining room and kitchen
Among small units, the kitchen and dining room are the most important. Nobody wants to let lampblack run around. At this time, a transparent glass sliding door can be used for the most effective separation.
(2) Separate bedroom and toilet
Separate the bedroom from the bathroom door or the living room from the dining room with a sliding glass door. No matter what kind of sliding doors are used to separate them, you can make full use of the space. picture
(3) Separate study and living room
The living room and study are the places with the highest utilization rate in the whole room. No one wants to be disturbed when reading or working. Therefore, a partition sliding door is the first choice to block the noise.
(4) Separate balcony and interior
If your house is designed to be a large balcony, you can choose sliding doors, which not only maintain the transparency of the overall space, but also meet the separation needs of different spaces. At the same time, it has the effect of sound insulation and heat preservation. picture

Purchase of sliding doors

The most important point of purchasing sliding doors is the quality problem. How to distinguish a good quality sliding door? First is the glass quality of sliding doors. Good tempered glass has high permeability and sound insulation effect. Moreover, the track, whose quality should withstand trampling and testing, will not deform even after repeated trampling. Finally, pay attention to the details. Pay attention to the details of the sliding door.

For many years, HDSAFE Saifu has always focused on high-end customized sliding door system, customizing high-quality and safe living environment for every family, eliminating severe cold and heat, taking good care of and delivering happiness and health.