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Purchase of folding partition door

1. At present, the styles of folding doors on the market are different, and they are suitable for different decorative styles of residence. Therefore, we should start from the home style to determine the style of the folding door and the harmony of the style of the living room. Choose light and elegant to match with lively. If the decoration style is stable and plain, choose a generous and simple style; Classical and comfortable are decorated with thick and elegant. In short, it is recommended to choose the style of acquaintance.

2. Color is also a problem that we must pay attention to when selecting such doors. If you don't know how to match colors, you can match the color of the door with the indoor environment, such as the floor or wall or furniture, and then distinguish the details. For example, the texture of the wooden door is different from the wood grain of the floor. As for which color system to rely on, it should be measured according to the actual situation.

3. The aesthetics of the door is very important, but the quality of the door is more important. So we should check the process and quality? The small editor teaches you a simple method: touch and look at the side light, touch the frame, panel and corner of the door with your hand, which should be soft and delicate without scratch, and then stand at the side light of the door to see whether the paint surface of the door panel has concave and convex waves. Basically, you can know whether the work is qualified by relying on these two times.