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Selection and installation method of glass sliding door

Doors are an important part of families. In modern families, many people like to use sliding doors instead of wooden doors. Sliding doors are convenient to use and have beautiful and generous appearance. Glass sliding doors are a very common sliding door material. There are many brands selling glass sliding doors on the market, so how to choose glass sliding doors? The following is a detailed introduction to the selection and installation of glass sliding doors.

Selection of glass sliding door

1. Look at the profile section
Nowadays, the profiles of glass sliding doors in the market can be divided into two types, aluminum magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. Generally speaking, high-quality sliding door profiles need to be made of aluminum strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys, and their toughness has greater advantages. The profile with lower quality is recycled aluminum, and its toughness and service life will be far better than that of aluminum magnesium alloy sliding door profiles. At the same time, when choosing, we must be careful to distinguish, so as not to confuse the real with the fake.
2. Listen to the pulley vibration
Both glass sliding doors and solid wood kitchen sliding doors will have upper and lower pulleys. The upper pulley plays a guiding role. Because it is installed in the upper part of the track, consumers often ignore it. They do not know that the generally good upper pulley structure is quite complex. There are not only bearings inside, but also aluminum blocks to fix the two wheels, so that there is no noise when it slides stably and directionally.
3. Cantilever rail height and edge sealing fastness
The rationality of the ground rail design directly affects the use comfort and service life of the product. Consumers should choose the style that has good foot feel and is conducive to sanitation. The edge sealing fastness requires the selection of adhesive strips. The most popular adhesive strips in the market today are PVC rubber, silica gel and silica gel, which have obvious quality and decorative effect.
4. Select safety glass
Except that transparent glass cannot be used for closet doors, the glass of other sliding doors should occupy the majority. The quality of the glass directly determines the price of the door. It is better to choose tempered glass, which will not hurt people if broken, and has a high safety factor. The appearance shall be transparent and bright.

How to install glass sliding door

1. As the hanging sliding door is installed with the track box first and then tiled, the junction between the exposed track box and the brick is not easy to handle, which brings some difficulties to the construction. As the track bears a certain pressure, the bricks also bear the force, which will easily lead to cracks of the bricks beside the track after a long time. In addition, if you are in the kitchen, bathroom and other spaces, it is easy to hide dirt at the rail box, and soot will fall on it, which will bring trouble to cleaning.
2. The size of the track box on the top of the sliding door shall be 12cm high and 9cm wide. Like the curtain box, rails are installed in the rail box, which can suspend the sliding door on the rails. Today most doors or openings are 1.95 to 2.15 meters high. Experience shows that when the height of the door is less than 1.95 meters, no matter how tall a person is, they will feel very depressed and uncomfortable. Therefore, when making a sliding door, the height should be at least 195+12=207cm. Only when there is enough space to make a track box can we consider making a sliding door. Otherwise, it can only be hung externally, that is, the rail box is exposed outside, which is definitely not beautiful, and the gap between the door and the wall will become larger after a long time.
3. The width of sliding doors is particular. The gold size of the normal door is 80cm× About 200 cm, the door is relatively stable under this structure. If the height is higher than 200 cm or even higher, it is better to narrow the width of the door or make more sliding doors to maintain the stability and use safety of the door on the premise that the area remains unchanged.
4. Use the sliding door from the ground to the top carefully. Because the swing amplitude is too large when pushing and pulling, the sliding door is easy to deform after a long time, and the deformed rear door cannot be opened, which means that it cannot be repaired and used.
5. As the sliding door contacts with the wall or both sides of the cabinet, no other object shall block the closing of the sliding door at the contact position. For example, the drawer in the cabinet shall be located away from the intersection of sliding doors and at least 1cm higher than the bottom plate; The drawer in the folding door cabinet shall be at least 15cm away from the side wall. Special attention shall be paid to the power switch and socket on the wall. If the sliding door is blocked from closing, the position of the switch and socket shall be changed.
6. No matter what materials you make, the floor should be horizontal, and the walls of the door opening should also be horizontal and vertical. Otherwise, the door will be skewed after installation. The adjustable error shall not be greater than 10mm.
7. Do not install the skirting line at the installation position. The gypsum line can be installed on the sealing plate above the wall cabinet. If the door is directly to the top, do not install the gypsum line.
8. For carpets with a thickness of less than 5mm, cut the carpet and paste it directly onto the lower rail. Carpets with a thickness of more than 5mm can be directly fixed on the carpet with screws if double rails are installed: if monorails are installed, the carpet at the location must be cut off, and a wood strip with a thickness of 3-5 mm shall be placed first for the carpet so that the monorails can be directly pasted on it.

Cleaning and maintenance of glass sliding door

1. The frame of the sliding door is mostly made of metal material, and it can be wiped with a dry cotton rag during daily cleaning. If it is cleaned with water, the rag should be dried as far as possible to avoid damage to the metal surface and affect the appearance.
2. The sliding door panel is glass panel. For the glass door panel, you can often use a dry cloth to wipe it on weekdays. At regular intervals, use diluted neutral detergent or special detergent for glass, and then dry it with dry cotton and lint free cloth.
3. The bottom rail is easy to accumulate floating dust, which directly affects the sliding of the bottom wheel, thus affecting the service life of the sliding door. Therefore, usually pay attention to the use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the floating dust on the bottom rail, clean the corners with a rag dipped in water, and pay attention to the use of lint free pure cotton cloth to dry.
The above are the selection points of the glass sliding door and the installation method of the glass sliding door. I hope they can help you.