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Sliding doors are popular now!

Simplicity rather than simplicity is the essence of extreme simplicity. Now even the framed door is gradually pursuing an extremely narrow appearance. The narrow framed glass sliding door is completely different from the traditional glass sliding door. It not only breaks the thickness, but also has a sense of luxury. It is also a popular design this year. Many rich people have installed it. However, some netizens expressed doubts about this. Such a thin frame looks very weak. Is this extremely narrow sliding door really reliable?

In fact, you can rest assured that this kind of narrow edge glass sliding door is not only light and flexible, but also has high strength and flexibility.

In addition, because of its simple and atmospheric appearance, it is also versatile. Whether it is the kitchen and living room, living room and balcony, or even the study and wardrobe, it also has no sense of surprise and is very fashionable.

The black narrow frame glass sliding door echoes with the black metal of furniture in other spaces. The simple color has a quiet beauty in echo.

Even if it is used in the bathroom, it is very convenient to clean. It not only increases the partition, but also does not affect the permeability of the space. It is integrated with the whole space, which is very beautiful. It is also very suitable to be installed in the cloakroom. While expanding the visual space, it is also conducive to ventilation, without the feeling of narrowness and restraint.

If you don't like the design of transparent glass, there is also brown glass or frosted glass, which not only ensures the transparency of the space, but also protects privacy. It is perfect. There are many border styles and colors, so you can choose your own needs and decoration styles.

However, I would like to remind you that there are two types of sliding doors with extremely narrow frames: ground rails and suspension rails. However, I suggest you choose suspension rails. Especially in the kitchen and balcony areas, it is not easy to accumulate dust and it is cleaner. After all, no one wants to spend money to make trouble.