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How to choose the kitchen sliding door?

First, does the glass choose single layer or double layer?

If you need to get up early to cook for your children, for fear of affecting the family's rest, we can choose double glazing, which has a better sound insulation effect. If there is no demand in this regard, it is enough to directly choose a single glazing, which can be cost-effective. But remember, regardless of the single glazing and double glazing, you must choose tempered glass with 3c certification, after all, safety first.

Second, the requirements for the wall thickness of the profile are different between the narrow frame and the traditional large frame. The wall thickness of the profile with the traditional large frame is 1.4, which is sufficient. The narrow frame has a higher requirement for the wall thickness of the profile, which should be more than 2mm. If you make it thin, it has poor stability and does not shake firmly.

Third, it is necessary to choose this kind of damping. The door will not pinch if there is no sound. If there is no damping, the door will close with a loud sound, which will affect the overall structure of the door and reduce its service life.

Fourth, many people struggle to choose the suspension rail or the ground rail. There is no product suitable for everyone. The sliding door of the suspension rail has a high appearance, and the ground has no track, which is easy to clean up. But its bottom is always in the air, without any support points. If the children at home are very naughty and like running and making noise, they shake around at this height, which is very dangerous and has potential safety hazards. The sliding door on the ground rail has support points from top to bottom, which is stable. The slide is not the traditional embedded slide, which is not easy to clean. It is all convex, and it is very convenient to clean.

Remember, if there are children at home and they are very naughty, just honestly choose a sliding door on the ground rail. After all, safety comes first. According to the above points, choose the most suitable sliding door for you. Will you choose it?