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Space saving artifact - folding door!

The structure of the house is unreasonable, there are many door openings, and the space is small. If you want to make the room appear transparent, you need to optimize the lighting and ventilation... Today, a professional problem-solving expert -- folding door comes to report to you! Folding door, as the name implies, is a door that can be "retracted and folded". Through the connection of hinges, multiple doors can be pushed to the side after being folded, which does not take up space and is practical and beautiful.

Advantages of folding door

Save space

The swing door will occupy the area inside and outside the door, the sliding door will reduce the opening of the door by half, and the folding door can be pushed to the end after it is opened, without any visual obstruction, thus saving space to the maximum extent.

Does not affect daylighting

The glass folding door has another advantage: it does not block the light, and the interior space looks brighter. The lighting is good, and the mood of living is up instantly!

Strong decoration

When the folding door is closed, it is as simple and atmospheric as the ordinary glass door. Open the folding door, and the separated space will return to the whole. It also adds a sense of three-dimensional and layering to the interior, and increases the interest of the home.

Heat and moisture insulation

The aluminum alloy folding door has good heat and moisture insulation effect, but the airtightness is not very good, and the sound insulation effect will also be poor. It is recommended to use tempered insulating glass to improve the sound insulation performance.

Applicable position of folding door

a living room

When the living room space needs to be divided, what is more ingenious than folding doors? At the same time, let the three-dimensional sense of space rise. When the folding door is opened, the living room can be extended and the visual effect is better. After being folded up, the functional area is separated easily, so that the two spaces do not disturb each other and do not show any prominence! The black frame glass door is very textured and has a bit of advanced taste. No matter what indoor style, it can be well integrated!


The balcony adopts floor sliding doors, at least half of which are closed, blocking the sight and affecting lighting and ventilation. After the folding door is replaced, the door body can be opened to the maximum extent, and the scenery outside the house can be introduced into the home to become a natural background; When the door is closed, the eye-catching window frame becomes the focus of vision.


Considering the integrity of the space and lighting problems, the use of folding doors in the bedroom is the best solution. Open the folding door completely and push it to the side, which will not occupy the space inside and outside the door, and expand the range of usable door openings to the maximum, making the bedroom space more open, and there is no pressure to move large pieces of furniture!


Folding doors are very suitable for hiding space, such as hiding the study, adding interest to the home, and maintaining the independence of each space. Generally, such folding doors will choose opaque and strong modeling design as decorative wall. Add a folding door to the quiet study, close the door when you need to study and work, and open the folding door at ordinary times, which is more integrated. If the study is in a position with poor lighting, the glass folding door can be perfectly solved!


Separate dining room space is divided by folding doors to make dining more ceremonial. The half-open folding door presents a zigzag shape, which enriches the layered sense of the restaurant space and highlights the interior design sense.


Non-opening kitchen door openings are always tense. Ordinary sliding doors cannot be fully opened, and there will always be half of the blocking space, while folding doors can achieve a relatively large opening. Replace the common sliding door with a folding door, fully considering the tightness of the folding door. When the folding door is closed, it can well isolate the oil smoke and water vapor in the kitchen in the space, effectively preventing the oil smoke from spreading to the living room or room due to the cooking process.

Folding doors have high requirements for hardware. Because pulleys and folding parts are easy to wear out, hardware should be selected as high quality products as far as possible to ensure the service life and avoid inconvenience caused by frequent replacement. The design of the folding door can be customized according to the aesthetic needs of the owner. The details of the frame, color, material, transparency and so on can be personalized designed to meet the needs of people with different household styles and living needs.