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Save the magic weapon of small household - glass sliding door, right?

The glass sliding door has the functions of separating space, giving consideration to privacy and proper sound insulation. It can also optimize the lighting

It can also make the house "big" and have a sense of space, and it can be said that it is a magic weapon to save small houses, which can deal with the "difficult and miscellaneous problems" that may be encountered in houses such as small space, unreasonable space division and poor lighting. Its role in large apartment is also amazing. It makes the space look more transparent, larger and more spatial. It is the choice of many light luxury style, minimalist style and other home decoration

If the glass sliding door is used as the kitchen door

There are many advantages


The closed space is formed, and the gas can be installed smoothly; When frying food, close the door and turn on the lampblack extractor with high power, and the lampblack will not run all over the house; The glass is transparent, the view is wide, and the room is brighter; Better ventilation when fully open; But how can we install a glass sliding door? Let's have a look.

01. Glass sliding door leaf: thin, high and simple frame

I want to use glass sliding doors to make the home bigger and the vision more atmospheric. On the premise of practicality and durability, the frame of glass sliding door should be thin, the sliding door should be as high as possible, and the design of color and style should be simple, so that the "sense of existence" of glass sliding door should be as little as possible, preferably "invisible and invisible".

In terms of materials, the common materials are aluminum magnesium alloy, titanium magnesium alloy, recycled aluminum and wood. Among them, alloy materials have excellent performance in hardness and durability.

02. Glass: 3C certification, style selection as required

The glass of the glass sliding door is identified with 3C certified tempered glass, in case of accident, the glass "explodes".

There are many kinds of glass styles. In addition to ordinary transparent glass, we can also choose ultra-white glass with a light transmittance of more than 91.5%, transparent frosted glass without perspective, colored glass with advanced texture, filamentary glass with a layer of misty gauze that seems to flicker, and rainbow glass with a combination of "transparency+privacy+beauty". We can choose according to the characteristics and use scenarios of the glass.

03. Usability and service life: hardware decisions such as crane wheel guide rail

The good-looking sliding door can be seen at a glance, but whether it is easy to use and its service life is mainly determined by the hardware such as the crane wheel guide rail. If you don't choose it well, there are many problems.

An ideal home, both in appearance and use, gives people a comfortable and comfortable home life experience

The glass sliding door is a good thing to make the home look more transparent, larger and more spatial