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The sliding door is so bright, transparent and large that the neighbors said they admired it!

In order to make the space in the home appear large and transparent, installing a sliding door as a partition is the way most owners will choose at present, which can not only save space, but also improve space lighting. How do you choose the sliding door suitable for the kitchen and balcony?

Balcony sliding door

For example, the owners living near the road and the factory are not only troubled by dust and noise, but also faced with the test of wind pressure resistance if it is a high-rise building. Therefore, the balcony sliding door should not only be sound insulation and noise reduction, but also be solid and reliable.

Sliding kitchen door

The kitchen is a place for daily cooking. The oil fume is heavy and relatively wet. Therefore, it is better to choose the materials that are resistant to oil and moisture and relatively easy to clean for the sliding door of the kitchen. In addition, considering the space problem of some small units, the lighting of the kitchen will also be relatively poor. You can choose a simple and exquisite narrow frame design, with large glass area and better lighting effect, which can effectively reduce the sense of cramping.

Choosing an excellent sliding door can provide you and your family with a more comfortable home experience. HDSAFE has an experienced professional team to provide you with one-stop service and can experience customized services more conveniently and safely.