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It turns out that there are so many patterns of sliding doors, which can easily create a high-level sense of home!

Want your new home to be comfortable and transparent? This task must be assigned to the sliding door at home. At present, sliding doors have gradually become the "pet" in home decoration by virtue of continuous iterative design and a variety of door panel materials. Today, Qi will tell you how to choose the most suitable sliding door for different spaces in the home.

Is it better to choose the lifting rail or the ground rail for the sliding door?

In terms of installation mode, sliding doors are mainly classified into two types: lifting rail and ground rail. The lifting rail means that the lifting wheel and rail are installed above; The ground rail refers to the track that can be seen from the ground.

Advantages and disadvantages of lifting rail:

Advantages of lifting rail: easy to clean, smooth to push and pull; There is no damage to the ground, and the overall feeling is stronger. Disadvantages of lifting rail: poor sealing and sound insulation; The installation is difficult, the maintenance coefficient is high, and the service life is not long.

Advantages and disadvantages of ground rail:

Ground rail advantages: good sealing and sound insulation; Easy to install, easy to maintain and durable. Disadvantages of ground rail: it is not easy to clean and push and pull; Damage to the ground, and the overall sense is not strong.

How to choose the lifting rail and the ground rail?

If the space has high requirements for heat insulation, sealing and privacy, the ground rail can be selected, such as balcony, study, bedroom and other spaces. If the space has low requirements for sound insulation, but high requirements for smoothness, cleanliness and durability, you can choose hanging rails, such as cloakroom, kitchen, toilet, etc.