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The size of the glass sliding door must be carefully controlled!

Glass is a kind of glass with good wind pressure resistance, heat and cold resistance and impact resistance, but we still need to pay more attention to its safety. In addition to the quality of tempered glass, whether the installation is rigorous is also an important factor related to safety. That is to say, we must pay more attention to its safety when installing. Today, let me tell you what problems we should pay attention to when installing glass sliding doors.

① Installation of glass sliding door hardware

When installing the sliding door track, fix the upper track, use a gravity cone to hang three points at the two ends and the middle point of the upper track on the ground, draw a 3.3 point fixed plane with an oil pen, install the upper track, and then put a hanging hammer against the center point of the upper track to the ground. Both ends of the track should be placed in vertical lines, and the lower track should be fixed at these three points to ensure that the upper and lower tracks are completely parallel, and the sliding and pulling of the glass sliding door is in the best state.

② Dimensions of glass sliding door

The size of glass sliding door and the size of folding door have a common feature, that is, uncertainty. The design of glass sliding door is also only easy to grasp the height. In terms of the width and the number of door leaves, it needs to be reasonably designed and then customized. The conventional dimensions of sliding doors commonly used in modern home space are 600-900MM in width and 1900-2400MM in height. The thickness of glass sliding door is 50MM, 75MM and 100MM, most of which are 100MM. This is the current conventional size of glass sliding door. In actual decoration, the size of glass sliding door varies with the specific situation.

③ Width and height of glass sliding door

We all know that the width of the door leaf is exquisite. The gold size of the normal door is 80 cm × About 200 cm, under this structure, the door is relatively stable. If there is a height higher than 200 cm, or even higher, it is better to narrow the width of the door or make several more sliding doors to maintain the stability and safety of the door. The frame shape of glass sliding door should match the overall style.

That is to say, when we install the glass sliding door, we must pay more attention to the installation methods of its different parts, so as to ensure that the door leaf installation is more reasonable, and we can use it more safely and at ease.