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Introduction and maintenance skills of sliding door

Introduction: It refers to the door whose door leaf is pushed and pulled left and right along the width direction to realize the opening and closing. Common sliding doors have two forms: open and concealed.

Advantages: easy to operate, easy to push and pull; Facilitate the space division and utilization of the living room; Keep the overall indoor space bright and transparent.

Disadvantages: opening the rear door fan occupies the wall; Poor sound insulation; The wall where the sliding door is located cannot be used for other purposes or hung for decoration.

Key points of purchase: check the appearance quality; Whether the sliding of sliding door is flexible; Whether the pulley and slide rail are tightly connected; Pay attention to the tightness.

Maintenance skills: keep track clean; Beware of heavy objects falling on the track; Clean with non-corrosive cleaning solution; If the mirror or plate surface is damaged, please ask professional personnel to replace it.