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How to choose the handle shape?

The handle has various shapes. What shape do you want to use to enhance the light luxury style of your home?

1. Invisible handle

The invisible handle design can leave gaps in the upper or side of the cabinet door to create the effect of invisible handle, or use the rebound device to open and close the cabinet door. The cabinet and handle are integrated, and the handle can not be seen on the surface, achieving the effect of "invisible".


① The invisible handle reduces complexity to simplicity, with clean and neat lines, without any delay and redundancy.

② Convenient to use, less bumps, and higher safety performance.

③ It is easy to clean, and the facade of the cabinet is flat. Even if there is oil stain, it only needs to be wiped lightly.

Applicable suggestions:

The invisible handle perfectly matches the simple and luxurious style, and is safe to use on the card seat and tatami. Especially suitable for families with children.

2. Embedded handle

The built-in handle is generally embedded on the cabinet door panel to form a plane between the groove shape and the cabinet door.


① The groove increases the sense of shape, the cabinet is full of artistic sense, and the appearance value is high.

② Compared with the open handle, the embedded handle has no bulge and reduces collision.

③ The built-in handle has many shapes, which can adapt to different home decoration styles.

Application suggestions: The built-in handle is often used in cabinets, wardrobes, especially small lockers, which is more beautiful.

3. Super high handle

Super high handle, sufficient space for holding, often used in bedroom wardrobe.


① The clean lines can stretch the visual height of the interior space and improve the appearance of the cabinet.

② The convenience of holding is fully considered in the design.

Suggestion: It is often used as the handle of wardrobe. The super-high handle is generally matched with the design of the through-top wardrobe, and the thin and long lines stretch the vision, which has a high-level sense and is neat and generous. The bedroom is also very friendly to the elderly and children.

4. Round handle

The round handle is round and beautiful, practical and versatile.


① Smooth touch, more comfortable and natural grip.

② In space composition, it can act as the decorative effect of "point" in "point line surface".

Application suggestions: the round handle is more lively than other shape handles. The following picture shows the children's room in the Opel Manning series as an example. The bright yellow round handle sleeve has the anti-skid function of silicon tape, which makes the anti-collision and anti-collision more safe, and also makes the children's room more interesting.