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The importance of stainless steel bathtub handle

Now when we design our living environment, we pay more and more attention to the design of bathroom. The bathroom can meet people's needs for health, hygiene, cleaning and other basic physiological activities, including washing, bathing, makeup and excretion, which is the most basic function of the bathroom.

It is comfortable to take a hot bath after a day's work, but because bathroom supplies are often slippery, in addition to anti-skid measures on the ground, it is necessary to install a handle on the bathtub to ensure safety.

Nowadays, there are children in general families, and there are also elderly people living with their parents. Therefore, when designing various functions, we must combine practical, convenient and safe requirements. Because the bathroom is in a humid state for a long time, and the air is accompanied by high temperature steam and alkaline bath products, stainless steel bathtub handle is a very good choice.

Stainless steel not only has good oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, but also has very high plasticity and can be designed into various shapes; It also has very good metallic luster, which makes it look high-end and fashionable.