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What kind of door is a sliding door?

Recently, a new type of door called "Sliding Door" suddenly became popular and attracted wide attention. It is understood that this kind of door adopts a new design concept and manufacturing process, and has many advantages.

First of all, the sliding door can save indoor space, because it does not need to open or close the space, just need to move along the track in the door frame. This is very useful for families or apartments with limited space to make more effective use of available space.

Secondly, sliding doors have extremely high security because they are usually composed of multiple panels, which can be locked together and form a solid barrier. This kind of door can be used in the family or business environment to protect valuables or privacy.

In addition, sliding doors can also provide good sound insulation effect, because they are usually composed of multiple panels, which can block the transmission of sound. This is very useful for places that need to be quiet (for example, research rooms or conference rooms).

However, sliding doors also have some disadvantages. First of all, their installation is more complex than traditional doors and requires professional personnel to install them. Secondly, their maintenance costs may be higher because they require more parts and tracks. Finally, because they need to move on the track, they may generate friction and noise during use.

In general, the sliding door is a very useful new door, which can provide many advantages for the family and business environment. However, they also have some disadvantages that need to be weighed in the selection.