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How to maintain the stainless steel handle?

Stainless steel handle is a modern part used for door structure. The stainless steel handle produced by Zhongchuang Metal Intelligent Manufacturing is made of high-quality stainless steel. After polishing, it has a gorgeous aesthetic feeling and a wonderful feel. Stainless steel handles are widely used in various occasions due to their good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and aesthetic properties.

There are various styles of interior design, but stainless steel handles are preferred in the selection of handles. Because its beautiful stainless steel handle is gradually becoming the mainstream of the handle market, and the plastic handle is facing elimination. But its gorgeous exterior is not permanent. Urban pollution and corrosion make us have to pay attention to maintenance.

Maintenance of stainless steel handle

1、 The installation of stainless steel handle should be carried out after the room is decorated and the site is cleaned, so as to prevent bruises and scratches during construction or site cleaning, or the cleaner should clean the handle with acid and alkali containing detergent.2、 The surface of stainless steel handle is smooth. Usually, you can use a soft dry cloth to clean it. If the handle is in the kitchen where there are many oil stains, you can use a dry cloth dipped with talcum powder to rub the surface, and it will be as bright as new immediately.3、 When cleaning stainless steel handle, do not use acid and alkali containing corrosive cleaner, which is easy to corrode metal and shorten the service life of the handle.4、 The cleaning interval of the handle is usually once or twice a week. The cleaning is not only to keep the handle clean, but also to ensure our health and reduce the breeding and transmission of bacteria.

The stainless steel handle made by HDSAFE has beautiful lines, dynamic appearance and superior personality. A avant-garde product with avant-garde form and fashion essence, it practices aestheticism and emotional life with the most unique and essence attitude.