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Exquisite minimalist door panel handle design interprets luxury taste!

Holding hands is like buttons on clothes. Small details also convey artistic beauty.

In this age of beauty, a perfect set of customized furniture naturally needs a suitable handle design. Modern people who are keen on minimalism do not need too many "forms" in their living space, and they should also "simplify the complexity". In custom home design, common invisible handles, embedded handles, edge banding handles, exposed handles, etc

1. Invisible handle

The invisible handle is to insert the handle into the edge of the door panel,

No obvious grooves can be seen on the door panel to achieve the "invisible" effect.

Concealed handle light band design reflects the soft design taste.

The invisible handle makes the cabinet facade simple and pure,

The lines are smooth and neat without any procrastination and redundancy.

The arc concave is ergonomic,

The perfect combination of straight line and curve.

2. Embedded handle

The embedded handle is used after the door panel is grooved,

Insert the handle,

Let the handle form a plane with the cabinet door.

The embedded handle with simple shape weakens the sense of existence of the handle,

It can perfectly match the modern minimalist and luxurious home design.

3. Cover handle

The edge binding handle can be used to close the edge,

Hardware fittings that can also be used as handles

The edge is a line, the handle is a point, and the door panel is a face.

Dots, lines and surfaces perfectly interpret the simple and luxurious style.

4. Open handle

Minimal surface handle design,

The slender shape outlines the flexible living space,

It seems simple but shows design aesthetics in details