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From the material to the details, the cabinet door handle is well selected

Open and close, hide and accept.

How important is a good handle?

No paint peeling, aging, easy cleaning,

It should be nice and practical.

How to choose the handle material?

1. Metal handle

In customized furniture, metal handles are widely used to make the finishing touch on the beauty of the cabinet! Common metal handles include stainless steel handle and brass wire handle.

Stainless steel handle

Stainless steel handles are widely used in home decoration, generally including mirror and frosting. The surface of stainless steel handle is smooth, clean and compact, which is superior to strong corrosion resistance and good stain resistance.

Brass drawing handle

As a kind of metal handle, brass wire drawing handle has become a popular style in recent years. In terms of exquisite feeling, brass wire drawing handle is better than stainless steel. The luxurious brass color shows the texture between opening and closing, and also improves the style of the cabinet.

Application suggestions: The metal handle with thin coating and poor quality may appear rust after being used for a long time, which will affect the appearance and use experience. Pay attention to the selection of high-quality metal handle.

2. Wood handle

The wooden handle is warm and simple, with wooden furniture, which is visually harmonious and unified, and the cabinet is more integrated.

Applicable suggestions: wooden handle may be deformed due to moisture, and it is not recommended to use it in the cabinet. Regular painting, polishing and maintenance are required.

3. Leather handle

Leather handles are also very popular in recent years. The texture is unique, and the small handle makes the flat cabinet more advanced.

Application suggestions: Compared with other materials, leather handles are difficult to clean and easy to damp. They will fade and harden when exposed to light for a long time, and have a short service life. They are not suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and balconies, but for bedside cabinets and cloakrooms in bedrooms.

4. Glass handle

The glass handle is transparent, advanced and three-dimensional, which can easily enhance the design of the cabinet.

Application suggestions: It is used for high wine cabinets, wall cabinets and glass display cabinets to show more temperament. Families with children need to carefully select glass handles, because there are safety risks if they break.

5. Plastic PVC handle

If you are worried about being bumped by the hard handle, you can choose plastic PVC handle, which is more secure, easy to shape, and cost-effective.

Applicable suggestions: It is not resistant to high temperature, difficult to clean without film covering, and is not recommended for use in the kitchen. Bedroom space, especially children's room and multi-function room are recommended.